Organized on July 23, 1956, Southwest Writers Club ("SWWC") is one of the oldest writing groups in Texas.  Our membership numbers change year to year; currently, we're a small group.

SWWC has members of all ages, who work in all genres.  We have poets, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers. Some of our writers use computers, and some write by hand. We have members who have been published multiple times, as well as members who are just beginning to write. The glue that keeps our group together is mutual respect, affection, and a great love for the written word. 

Meetings:  1:00-3:00 pm, first Saturday of the Month, October to June, at Lakewood Library, 6121 Worth Street, Dallas 75214. Click on Schedule of Meetings (at left) to see our complete line-up. We used to meet year-round, but members decided it was too hot to meet during the Texas summers. If members change their minds, we'll meet year-round again. Lakewood Library hosts an enormous book sale that takes up all of September, as well as all of the library, so to meet in September, we find an alternative place.  Our schedule and activities are member-driven, so we follow their wishes.



If you're interested in writing, or in learning to write, then come join us for a meeting and see what you think. We might just be your cup of crazy.





PROMPT #1:  It's always interesting to reflect on our life choices.  If you were given the opportunity to change TWO of your past major life decisions, what would those two decisions be, and how would you change them?  What do you think would be different in your life because of the changes?


PROMPT #2:  If you could mix history up a bit, and have two of your very favorite historical figures meet, who would you choose?  (Let's leave religion out of this, please.  We don't want anyone fighting over who gets to meet Jesus or Moses when we have historical figures like Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, John Hancock, and all the rest of the gang. Godzilla is unavailable, sadly. But don't forget all the Pharaohs and that party animal Napoleon.)  Have fun with it!  Hmm. . . Benjamin Franklin meets . . .


PROMPT #3:  You wake up in the future - the real future, with those jet-packs we were promised 40 years ago, and flying cars, robot housekeepers, etc.  What's the coolest new invention you can think of? It can be something for the home, or for school, or the office, anything you can dream up. But it should be something we don't have now.  Be imaginative and be silly - you never know. . . you might be using your "crazy" idea before you know it!


PROMPT #4:  If aliens landed on our planet and offered an exchange program with us, would you participate?  In other words, could you trust aliens enough to climb aboard their ship and travel into space with them?  Would you trust them not to eat you, and to bring you home?  Are there any special circumstances that would encourage you to do so?  


PROMPT #5:  You are spotted by a grouchy rhino who intends to make you the scapegoat for his very bad day. You cannot possibly outrun him, but you might make it to that small tree - maybe. Searching your pockets, you find:  half a bruised banana, some sunflower seeds, a small mirror, a tiny box of matches, dental floss, and five paperclips. With the rhino approaching and now approximately 50 yards away, how would you use any or all of these items to save yourself?

   Note:  The rhino is endangered, so you cannot kill it.  Good luck.